Americans to get $500 ‘no strings attached’ monthly payments for two years thanks to $4million pot – see if you qualify

Monthly payment program : Residents who qualify will receive $500 per month through a NEW monthly payment program.

An income guarantee pilot program has been approved in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

According to the legislation, the program will require $4 million in funding, despite passing by an 8-0 vote.

Half of that amount will come from the council and the other $2million will come from the Greater Washington Community Foundation.

Two years’ worth of $500 monthly payments will be given to 125 low-income residents.

Krystal Oriadha, who represents District Seven, called for the program to cover 200 families for 24 months in March.

Payments will still be “no strings attached,” so participants can use the money however they like.


Monthly payment program – ELIGIBILITY

It is unclear exactly how much the program will cost, but it will be “modeled” on the successful Stockton, California pilot program.

As a result, the Stockton program helped reduce volatility among participants and helped them find full-time employment.

Income must be below $46,034 to qualify. 

There is no clear timeline for when applications will open and payments will begin. Prince George’s County was contacted


There have been several other guaranteed income pilot programs across the country recently, while we await the details of Prince George’s program.

Local Sound Collaborative, a music and arts organization in Rochester, New York, is expanding an initiative.

Musicians from the Greater Rochester area must be part of the local music community to qualify.

Among these roles are studio musicians, production engineers, and sound technicians.

A minimum age of 18 is also required.

Online applications for $200 in monthly support are open until June 3 at 11.59 p.m.

In addition, two programs are currently underway in California.

As part of a new phase of the program, 80 Sacramento households will receive $500 in monthly support.

In addition to living in the city, the income and size of the family will also determine eligibility.

Single adults must earn less than $28,205, for example.

It is necessary for everyone else to earn less than the following:

  • One adult, one child: $49,945
  • One adult, two children: $65,880
  • One adult, three children: $79,500
  • Two adults: $43,201
  • Two adults, one child: $64,273
  • Two adults, two children: $79,500
  • Household of five: $93,120
  • Household of six: $106,740
  • Household of seven: $120,360
  • Household of eight: $133,980

Residents who meet the eligibility requirements can apply online until 2.59am on April 15.

El Monte, a suburb of Los Angeles, is also accepting applications.

The program offers $500 in monthly payments to single female heads of households without a spouse or partner.

It is required that applicants live within the city limits of El Monte and have children under the age of 17 living in the household.

In addition, applicants must verify that they have an income at or below the federal poverty line, in accordance with the U.S. Commerce Department.

The application may be mailed, submitted online, or presented personally by eligible residents.

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