Final days to claim direct payment between $20 and $5,350 from $3.5million pot – see if you meet the ‘subclass’

Apply for a one-time payment : AMERICANS accept beneath than one anniversary larboard to administer for a ancient acquittal of up to $5,350.

The absolute payments will be issued to former, current, or -to-be Volkswagen or Audi drivers as the Volkswagen Group afresh came to a settlement.

The accusation came afterwards customers’ advice was allegedly apparent in a abstracts breach.

It was appear that sales and business abstracts from 2014 to 2019 were acquired in the accomplished years – accurately amid August 2019 and May 2021.

Stolen chump abstracts was put into two accepted types: acute claimed advice (SPI) and claimed advice (PI).

The aboriginal includes claimed advice like Social Security and driver’s authorization numbers.

Others that were apparent ability accommodate beneath acute advice such as names, addresses, and email addresses.

While both Volkswagen and Audi accept not accepted any wrongdoing, the two car giants agreed to achieve for $3.5million.

To grab the cash, all claims charge be filed online by Wednesday, April 12.


Those able should accept accustomed a letter in June 2021 account that their claimed advice may accept been larboard compromised in the abstracts breach.

The bulk you accept depends on area you alive and the blazon of bracket you’ve been put in.

The Civic PI and SPI subclasses are those whose PI was compromised in the abstracts aperture – beneath acute information.

While the California SPI bracket is for those whose SPI was compromised in the abstracts aperture while active in California – those with acute information.

Just agenda that associates of the California SPI bracket and civic SPI bracket may accept added funds for abroad costs accompanying to the abstracts breach.

This agency they may accept up to $5,000 for fraud, character theft, acclaim expenses, advice charges, and up to four hours of contributed time off assignment at a amount of $50 per hour.

Under the adjustment terms, the afterward subclasses can accept the afterward amounts.

  • Nationwide PI exposure subclass: $20
  • Nationwide SPI exposure subclass: $80
  • California SPI subclass: $350

Cash payments could be college or lower depending on the cardinal of claims filed.

And California SPI associates may grab up to $5,350.


Consumers accept assorted options in this settlement.

Members of the accusation may do the following: abide a claim, object, exclude yourself, or do nothing.

Just agenda that appointment a affirmation is the alone way to accept payments so you charge booty activity if you appetite cash.

You may book a affirmation online or by mail application a specific anatomy begin on the adjustment website.

A affirmation anatomy may be mailed to you if you alarm 866-329-0166.

Claimants charge accelerate it to the afterward address:

Volkswagen/Audi Data Incident Litigation
Settlement Administrator
PO Box 3637
Portland, OR 97208-3637

Those attractive to exclude themselves charge accept taken activity by appointment a appeal for exclusion by March 13, 2023.

Opting out agency that you will not accept any money from this settlement.

This is the alone advantage that allows you to accompany a abstracted activity adjoin the defendants.

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