Stimulus check update: Direct payment worth $1,000 to go out to 1,000 people in five days

Stimulus check update : Participants of a guaranteed income program in Los Angeles County have a few days left before they receive their next $1,000 payment.

As part of the Breathe program, 1,000 participants receive monthly payments for approximately three years. Los Angeles County’s Strength Based Community Change agency told the Washington Examiner that recipients receive these payments on the 15th of every month, which means the next payment will be issued on Thursday.

Los Angeles County launched the program to allow residents to “breathe easier” knowing they are more financially secure. Randomly selected from a pool of eligible applicants, 1,000 recipients were chosen.

The application period for this program opened on March 31, 2022, and closed on April 13, 2022. June 2025 marked the beginning of the disbursement of payments and August 2025 marked the end.

One participant in the program told the Washington Examiner that the extra $1,000 “made things a lot easier” for her. Her friend alerted her to the program and she looked into it.

“I thought I would look it over, and I filled out the first part of the form, then got promoted to the next part, and next thing I knew, I was done,” she said. Since it was done so quickly, I have to say that I found it relatively painless, otherwise I wouldn’t have kept going.”

These monthly payments are distributed through debit cards, so recipients do not need a bank account to receive them.

In an expansion of this program, 200 more recipients will receive $1,000 monthly payments for two years, all of whom will be former foster children. There is a three-week application window for this expansion beginning June 20 and closing July 3.

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