Stimulus check update: Direct payment worth $500 will be sent in 12 days

Stimulus check update: Direct payment worth $500 will be sent in 12 days, stimulus check update today 2023

The next payment will be made in 12 days to 305 families receiving $500 monthly payments in Sonoma County, California.

Of the 6,450 applicants who applied for the Pathway to Income Equity pilot program, 305 were selected. According to the Sonoma County Administrator’s Office, applicants must have at least one child under 6 years old, be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, and earn no more than 185% above the federal poverty level.

An experiment evaluating the impact of guaranteed income on impoverished families is being conducted through the program. Angie Dillon-Shore, the executive director of First 5 Sonoma County, an independent public agency focused on early childhood development, told the Washington Examiner that payments are sent out on the third Wednesday of each month, so this month’s payment will be sent out on June 21.

As well as conducting qualitative research (surveys, interviews, and focus groups) with participants over the next two years, Dillon-Shore said First 5 Sonoma County will publish a preliminary and final report in spring 2024 and early 2025, respectively, with the help of an external evaluator.

Dillon-Shore said they would be able to spend more time with their families, find a better job, or improve their financial well-being, resulting in better outcomes for their children.

According to a study conducted by United Ways of California in 2021, 52% of Sonoma County households with children under 6 struggle to meet basic needs. Single mothers were also most likely to struggle financially, with 67% in the county below the study’s self-sufficiency standard.

Families with young children often struggle due to the high costs of housing and child care – the two most significant household expenses – and these payments will help them,” said Supervisor Chris Coursey, the chairman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

We will use the information we gain from this pilot program to shape future efforts to improve the health and welfare of our community.

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