Social Security update: Direct payment worth $914 arriving in 22 days

Social Security update : Supplemental Security Income recipients will accept their abutting acquittal in 22 days. In accordance with the schedule set by the Social Security Administration, individuals will receive $914.

The abutting payment, appointed for May 1, is one of 12 payments that SSI recipients accept anniversary year. Most SSI payments are beatific out to recipients on the aboriginal business day of the month, but recipients did not accept a acquittal in April because April 1 fell on a weekend.

For months back the aboriginal takes abode on a weekend or a holiday, checks are beatific on the aftermost business day of the antecedent month, according to the SSA. This guarantees that recipients accept their analysis by the aboriginal of the month. Because of this scheduling quirk, recipients accustomed two checks in March — one on March 1 and the added on March 31.

Other groups additionally authorize for the May 1 payment. Eligible couples will accept a acquittal of $1,371. Essential people, who alive with a being accepting SSI and accommodate all-important care, will get a acquittal of $458.

SSI payments were aboriginal issued by the Social Security Administration in 1974. The bulk recipients accept has added based on cost-of-living adjustments anniversary year back 1975, the bureau said.

The added payments are abstracted from the retirement pay that retirees accept anniversary month.

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