Final day to claim one-time payment up to $3,284 from permanent fund – and there are three ways to apply

Claim one time payment : There is still time to apply for Alaska’s 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend.

An annual payment represents a portion of a state’s oil and gas revenues.

In 2022, that amount was $3,284.

The next year’s payment has not yet been determined, but it is likely to be lower.

HOW TO APPLY Claim one time payment

The payment is available to all Alaska residents for the full calendar year.

You can apply in several ways:

  • If you opt to mail your application, it must be postmarked or received by today, March 31.
  • By 11.59pm tonight, you can also apply electronically online. Creating a MyAlaska account is the first step towards applying online.
  • To apply in person, you can go to the PFD office, which is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Applicants must have lived in Alaska for the entire calendar year preceding the date they apply for a dividend.

Additionally, you must intend to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely at the time you apply for a dividend.

The residency activity of an individual during the qualifying year determines eligibility for the dividend program.

In order to qualify for a dividend in the current year, an individual must have completed the qualifying year.

An individual seeking a dividend in 2021 would have to have qualified for the dividend in 2020, for example.


There are still many people receiving checks from last year’s PFD program.

Payment will be made by April 20 to those classified as Eligible-Not Paid by April 12.

On or before May 10, those marked as Eligible-Not Paid will receive their checks by May 18.

There is a total payment of $3,284 for all applicants, but $2,621.81 of that is taxable.


On April 5, Colorado’s Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Rebate recipients will start receiving payments of up to $1,044 each.

Low-income seniors and disabled residents can benefit from the $7million rebate program.

SSI beneficiaries will receive their April payment today rather than in April.

Payments of SSI are usually sent on the first of the month, but may be sent earlier if it is a holiday or weekend.

Due to the fact that April 1 is a Saturday, SSI will be distributed a day early on Friday, March 31.

It will take until May 1 for beneficiaries to get paid again.

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