Urgent Alert: Unclaimed $1 Million Powerball Prize – Check Your Tickets for These Winning Numbers

Powerball players are strongly urged to check their tickets, 

as the $1 million second-place prize from last Wednesday's drawing remains unclaimed.

Oklahoma's lottery officials have officially confirmed that a Match 5 player is the lucky winner of this substantial prize.

The winning numbers drawn on October 11 are 22, 24, 40, 52, 64, and the red Powerball 10.

The drawing's grand prize of $1.765 billion was won by a lucky player in California.

While it is known that there is a winner for the $1 million prize, 

the location of where the winning ticket was sold in Oklahoma remains undisclosed.

The Match 5 game produced a total of seven $1 million winners, including two from California, 

two from Florida, one from New York, and one from Virginia.

Make sure to double-check your tickets for a chance to claim your winnings.

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