Social Security's $20 Billion Overpayment Issue Heads to Congress 

Who Will Foot the Bill for this Costly "Management Challenge"?

In recent times, numerous Americans have been receiving letters from 

the Social Security Administration (SSA) requesting the repayment of billions of dollars 

Erroneously disbursed to them. The cause of this error remains a mystery.

According to Benefits Pro, a hearing has been scheduled by a U.S. 

House panel for next week to scrutinize the SSA's "overpayment" process. 

This comes in light of the revelation that the agency has recouped 

$4.7 billion in overpayments, with an additional $21.6 billion still outstanding.

Congress Responds to the SSA Overpayment Blunder

As per ABC News, several members of Congress are urging the SSA to provide an explanation for 

Disbursing billions of dollars in payments to beneficiaries it claims were not entitled to receive 

and subsequently requesting the money to be returned.

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