Social Security Payments Offset by Stimulus Checks

Certain Social Security beneficiaries have reported cases where 

they were asked to reimburse a portion of their benefits due to their receipt of COVID-19 stimulus checks.

Dave Greune, a Social Security recipient residing in Washington, recounted to Seattle-based Kiro 7 that the 

Social Security Administration (SSA) requested his disabled daughter, Julia, to repay over $7,000 in benefits.

Greune views this request as a government error, seemingly linked to 

the COVID-19 stimulus payments his daughter received during the pandemic.

According to Greune, his daughter typically receives monthly 

Supplemental Security Income payments of around $500 to $600. 

However, during the health crisis, she received approximately $3,200 in COVID-19 stimulus payments. 

These additional benefits pushed her over the asset limit, as the SSI limit for an individual with cerebral palsy, such as Julia Greune, stands at $2,000.

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