In two days, the second round of direct payments for Social Security will arrive totaling $4,555

Wednesday is the second of three rounds of Social Security 

Retirement payments for October, worth up to $4,555 for those over 70.

Payouts for those born between Oct. 11 and Oct. 20 will be released on Oct. 18. 

For those born on or after Oct. 21, the third and last group will receive their checks a week later on Oct. 25. 

They have already received their checks if they were born between the first 

and tenth of their birth month. The recipient receives a single check.

To qualify for Social Security, a person must have paid into the program for at least 10 years.

Social Security benefits are based on earnings made over the course of a person's career. 

People receive a different amount when they retire based on their age. 

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