Social Security update: In 14 days, a $914 direct payment will be received.

The Supplemental Security Income payments for November will be sent to 

Beneficiaries in two weeks. For individual filers, the payouts can total up to $914.

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, the next payout will be made; this will be the first one since 

the end of September. Due to a glitch in the Social Security Administration's timetable that resulted in 

Two payments in September, October's payment was sent out in September. October saw no payments made.

Filers must fulfill certain financial conditions and be at least 65 yearsoOld in order to be eligible for 

the monthly installments. According to the SSA, certain individuals under 

the age of 65 may be eligible if they are at least partly blind or have a physical or 

Mental impairment that significantly restricts their everyday activities and has the potential to cause death within a year.

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