Recipients Affected by SSA Overpayments

A significant number of these recipients are elderly, economically disadvantaged, 

or disabled. Many of them have already spent the money they received and 

face considerable challenges in repaying the government. WSBTV Atlanta interviewed a couple 

Who found themselves in this predicament due to the SSA's repayment demand.

Matt and Kristen Cooper, in their conversation with WSBTV, disclosed that they received a letter from the SSA, 

insisting they return $30,000 in overpayments. To make matters worse, the SSA informed them of 

a reduction in their children's monthly payments from around $900 to just $150, 

all stemming from a government calculation error. This occurred even after Matt Cooper suffered a severe injury while serving as a police officer.

Kristen Cooper expressed her frustration, saying, "It just feels like we've been let down."

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