2023 Update: Americans Could Get $4,000 in Settlement Money – Check If You Qualify

There's good news for thousands of Americans who may be entitled to 

Claim up to $4,000 in compensation following a data breach.

In February 2022, personal information from nearly 18,000 Inntopia customers was unlawfully accessed and stolen.

Last year, a lawsuit known as Connor Rowe v. Sterling Valley Systems Inc. 

was filed in the Superior Court of Vermont, alleging that the company failed to safeguard customer data.

As part of the agreed-upon settlement, affected customers can receive up to 

$500 to cover expenses incurred due to the data breach, which left them out of pocket.

Furthermore, individuals in the affected class may be eligible for up to $3,500 

if they can provide documented proof of significant financial losses. 

This could include items such as invoices, receipts, billing statements, and a notice ID, as detailed by Top Class Actions.

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