You should check your lottery numbers after buying a ticket at a liquor 

Store for a $5.4 million Powerball jackpot that has not been claimed

Lottery officials are urging players to check their tickets for a $5.4 million unclaimed prize.

It was sold at a liquor store that the lucky Powerball ticket was purchased.

A lottery player in California has a ticket worth $5.4 million.

The second prize for Saturday's drawing is still worth a lot of money, 

Despite the ticket not winning the top prize of $750 million.

Powerball number 21 and the numbers 01, 12, 20, 33, 66 were drawn.

There was one lucky player in California who correctly guessed five of the six numbers, but missed the red Powerball.

Their victory has not yet been declared. Thirst Quencher Liquor in Burbank, California sold the ticket.

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