Choosing an unpopular option will only result in $15.8million in cash 

in hand for the winner of the historic $1.05b Mega Million jackpot

There is just hours left until the next billion-dollar lottery drawing, 

and the winner can choose their own payment plan.

Despite Tuesday night's $1.05 billion Mega Millions jackpot, 

the winner could only walk away with $15.8 million if they make an unusual choice.

The latest growing jackpot would be $527.9 million if all jackpot winners took a lump sum payout.

Those who wish to collect the entire $1.05 billion prize will need to be patient.

As opposed to becoming a billionaire overnight, the sole winner would receive 

their prize money in smaller fractions over 30 years through an annuity.

The Associated Press reported that if a winner chooses the annuity option, 

He or she will receive an initial payout plus 29

Annual payments that increase by 5 percent yearly.

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