No Alabama income tax return was filed for tax year 2021,

so you are automatically disqualified for the rebate check for 2023.

The one-off payments, which will begin to be disbursed in November, are also ineligible for estates and trusts.

If you were claimed as a dependent on a federal or

state income tax return for 2021, you will not receive a rebate payment.

What is the process of sending rebate checks?

Rebates will begin to be issued by the Alabama Department of Revenue on November 30.

This rebate will be deposited into the same bank account that was included on the state income tax return last year.

A paper check will be mailed instead of a bank account information

if the Alabama Department of Revenue does not have it.

The rebate program will cost about $393 million and

will be funded by a $2.8 billion surplus in Alabama's Education Trust Fund.

Upon enacting the legislation, Ivey stated that she was delighted to sign into law 

a bill that would give tax refunds to the working people of Alabama.

The governor said Alabama's record-setting $3billion General Fund will enable greater investments in vital public services and 

Reduce the impact of future economic downturns by significantly paying down debt.

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