There are three rebates between $250 and $3,284 going out in June - find out if you qualify

Approximately $3,284 in cash will be distributed to eligible Americans this month.

The impact of high inflation has put pressure on many people's wallets, 

So states are offering tax rebates and relief.

If you have filed a previous year's tax return, your eligibility may depend on your income.

Here are at least three states sending money in June.

Alaska residents receive a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) every year.


Residents receive a portion of the state's oil revenues through the cash payment.

Alaska has continued to send payments from last year and 2021, 

even though the PFD for 2023 has not been confirmed.

In 2022 and 2021, the amounts were $1,114 and $3,284, respectively.

A payment will be sent out on Tuesday, June 15 to those who qualify.

If your application for the PFD in the year you are applying

reflects June 7 as eligible-not paid.

The application deadline is in March each year.

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