The Social Security Supplemental Income 2023 checks will go out in 

two installments of $914 this month - when can you expect your next one?

Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) recipients can expect double checks this month.

It is typical for SSI payments to be sent on the first of every month, 

except when a holiday or weekend falls on the first.

June's payments were sent on the first of the month, but since July 1 falls on a Saturday, 

recipients can expect another check on June 30.

SSI checks will not be sent in July, so recipients must wait until August to receive their second June check.

Beneficiaries of SSI receive a maximum payment of $914 or $1,371 if filing as a couple.

Who is eligible for SSI? 

SSI can be applied for by anyone. 

People aged 65 or older, who are blind or disabled, will receive monthly payments under the SSI program.

A pension or wage must be the only source of income for the applicant.

A limited amount of things you own must also be owned by the individual.

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