Update on Stimulus Check: Nearly $1,300 Payment from Alaska Fund Scheduled for Next Month

Starting in early October, eligible residents of Alaska can anticipate 

the arrival of their 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend payment.

This payment, totaling approximately $1,300, was given 

the green light by lawmakers as part of the fiscal 2024 budget earlier this year, 

and it will commence distribution in just 20 days.

On October 5th, the Permanent Fund Dividend payments will be disbursed to individuals 

who submitted their applications electronically, opted for direct deposit, 

and had the "eligible not paid" status as of September 21st, according to the state's guidelines.

To qualify for this annual dividend payment, applicants must meet specific criteria. 

They must be Alaska residents with an intention to remain residents of 

the state indefinitely at the time of their application. Additionally, 

they must not have a felony conviction and should not claim 

Residency in any other state during that particular year.

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