Social Security Update: Second Round of Payments Up to $4,555 Arriving Today

On Wednesday, retirees received the second installment of their 

October Social Security retirement payments, potentially amounting to $4,555 for those who retired at the age of 70.

The second round of Social Security payments went to individuals born between

the 11th and 20th day of their birth month. The third and final group is set to receive their checks next week, 

Specifically on October 25th, and this pertains to those born on or 

after the 21st of their birth month. Those born between the first and the 10th of their birth month have 

already received their checks. Each recipient receives a single monthly payment.

It's important to note that Social Security payments are calculated based on an individual's earnings over their career, and 

the maximum amount a person receives varies depending on the age at which they choose to retire.

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