Check out the exact date when Americans will receive

their second $914 Social Security Supplemental Income check in two weeks

SSI recipients can expect two checks this month.

A monthly SSI payment is usually sent on the first of the month, 

except when it falls on a holiday or weekend.

Due to the fact that July 1 falls on a Saturday, recipients can expect their checks on June 30.

There will be no check mailed in July, and recipients will see the payment after this one on August 1.

SSI beneficiaries receive a maximum payment of $914 or $1,371 if married.

Submitted by Suzanne Blake

Application for SSI and proof of income

You may need to provide the following information for applicants with an income:

Paystubs or a tax return for the previous tax year, if you are self-employed

If you have any records (such as award letters, bank statements, court orders, receipts) 

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that show how much you receive, how often, and from what source you receive it

On the SSA website, you can find more information about Work Expenses

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