In three weeks, a direct payment of $914 will arrive from Social Security

For individual filers, the second June Supplemental Security 

Income payment is worth up to $914 and is just three weeks away.

It will be the second of two checks for June, and will be sent out on 

Friday, June 30. June 1st was the date of the first email.

The double payment in June is due to a quirk in the Social Security Administration's schedule 

that gives recipients two checks if the first of the following month falls on a weekend. 

Since July 1 falls on a weekend this year, the second payment for June will replace July's payment.

Beneficiaries receive varying amounts of money, with individual filers, joint filers, and 

essential persons receiving varying amounts. 

SSI recipients who file individually receive $914 every month, 

while eligible couples receive $1,371 every month,

and essential persons, or those who live with people receiving SSI 

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and provide them with necessary care, get $458 every month.

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