In four days, Social Security will deliver a second round of direct payments worth up to $4,555

Social Security's second round of September payments will provide up to $4,555 to millions of retired seniors in four days.

As part of Social Security's three waves of payments, these payments will be made. 

Next installment will be sent on Sept. 20, 2023, to people born between the 11th and 20th of their birth month. 

The first round of payments is always sent on the second 

Wednesday of the month to people born between the first and 10th of their birth month. 

For those born after the 21st of a month, the final wave of payments will go out on Sept. 27.

Retirement payments are different from disability insurance or 

Supplemental Security Income checks issued by the Social Security Administration.

Separate payments are also made to seniors who receive both Supplemental Security Income and Social Security benefits, 

people who retired before 1997, and U.S. retirees living abroad. Regardless of the day of 

the month they were born, the group receives their payments first, on Sept. 7.

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