5 Powerball tickets & 2 Mega Millions jackpots worth millions remain unclaimed - check the list!

As the expirations for some lottery draws approach, several unclaimed 

lottery prizes worth millions have been issued a WARNING.

There are a few jackpot-winning tickets at stake in the Powerball and 

Mega Millions games, according to the Arizona Lottery.

According to the Arizona Lottery website, nine of the state's lottery slips remain unclaimed.

The oldest is a jackpot-winning Fantasy 5 draw worth an unspecified amount, 

and the ticket holder has just over one month to get their money.

The money will expire on November 1, meaning that 

Players will be able to win in other games after the expiration date.

Listed next, expiring on November 22, is a Mega Millions winning 

Slip worth $10,000, followed by a Powerball winning slip worth $50,000.

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