Direct payment worth $914 arrives in 25 days from Social Security

There will be a second payment of Supplemental Security Income in June, worth up to $914 for individual filers.

In June, there will be two checks issued, the second of 

Which will be mailed out on June 30. The first one was sent on June 1. 

Due to the weekend on July 1, the second payment replaces July's payment.

There is a small quirk in the schedule of the Social Security Administration that caused the double payment in June.

and essential persons receive different amounts. According to the 

Social Security Administration, individuals receiving SSI payments receive $914 every month, 

Couples get $1,371, and essential caretakers get $458 every month.

In addition to Social Security benefits, SSI payments are also given. 

For adults and children with blindness or another disability and 

limited income, the program provides monthly payments. 

A person must be over 65, blind, or have a "physical or mental condition(s)" 

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that severely limits their daily activities for a period of

12 months or more or could cause death to qualify for SSI.

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