In the next 10 days, millions of Social Security beneficiaries will receive direct payments worth up to $4,555

According to the Social Security Administration's schedule, millions of retirees will receive 

their first round of June's three Social Security payments in less than two weeks.

Those born between the first and 10th of each month will receive the 

Payment on June 14, the second Wednesday of the month.

Each month, the payments are sent out on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday.

Depending on the recipient's age at retirement, the amount of money they receive varies. 

According to the Social Security Administration, those who retire at 62 receive up to $2,572, 

those who retire at 67 receive up to $3,627, and those who wait until 70 receive up to $4,555 per month.

A week later, on June 21, the second distribution will be given to retirees born 

Between June 11 and June 20. The final wave will be sent on June 28, the last Wednesday of the month. 

If Congress does not figure out how to fund the program in the future, 

Recipients may see their payments decrease. For years, 

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Congress has discussed Social Security's future, but experts have warned 

that if nothing is done, the program could be insolvent in 10 years.

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