Two direct payments of $1,044 are due in the next few days

Last chance to claim two direct payments between $150 and $1,044 - see if you qualify

There are only a few days left for Americans to claim two direct payments between $150 and $1,044.

There are just a few days left before the Colorado rebate deadline 

and the North Carolina rebate deadline for both states.

Many states and cities have implemented rebate programs and guaranteed income 

pilot programs to help their most vulnerable residents cope with the current economic uncertainty.


Residents of North Carolina can earn a $150 check on their property taxes if they qualify.

Residents will receive $250,000 in rebates under the state's rebate program.

This program is specifically designed for those living with lower incomes in Greensboro.

There is an opportunity for all qualified households to

Residents of Greensboro were protected from unnecessary financial strain by 

the Greensboro City Council as home evaluations pose a heavy burden for many homeowners.

"We've heard quite a bit from homeowners in our lower and middle-income neighborhoods. 

We want to make sure they aren't adversely affected by revaluations."

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