Last chance to claim maximum $200 payment from grocery 

Chain's $8.75 million surcharge settlement - how to apply

There are just 10 days left for eligible Americans to submit claims for $200.

It comes from an $8.75 million settlement with Safeway, an Albertsons Cos grocery store.

The Oregon Department of Commerce accused Safeway of tricking Club Card members 

into thinking they were getting a buy-one, get-one-or-two-free deal.

Safeway charged a fee on non-grocery purchases in its Portland stores, according to a class action lawsuit.

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According to the settlement website, Safeway normally sold boneless pork chops for 

$4.49 a pound, but the BOGO deal raised that to $12.99.

In addition to beef and chicken, pork and chicken prices also increased.

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Customers claimed Safeway unlawfully imposed the one percent clean energy surcharge on 

their revenue after Portland's one percent clean energy surcharge passed in 2019. 

Ultimately, the company settled the case, resulting in equal payments for all customers.

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Please note that all payments are capped at $200 per person, 

But may be lower depending on how many claims are filed. 

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