It's only a few days until direct payments of $3,284 drop, 

But eligible Americans need to be aware of a big surprise

On June 15, Alaskans classified as "eligible-not paid" will 

receive their $3,284 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) payment for 2022.

A portion of the state's oil and gas revenues is represented by the payment.

One more group is scheduled to receive their payment in July, although most residents have already received their checks.

However, there are strings attached to the payment.

An amount of $2,662 is considered taxable income out of a total payment amount of $3,284.


The recipient of the PFD must be an Alaska resident for the entire year in which it is issued

Additionally, they must submit an application before

a yearly deadline in order to file their state income taxes.

Applications submitted by current recipients before

the March 31 deadline have been accepted.

While the 2023 PFD payment has not been confirmed, 

Alaska's legislature has approved a budget that includes a $1,300 PFD payment.

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