You may be able to claim a one-time payment between $150

and $300 from the surplus of $2.8 billion - see if you qualify

Millions of Americans have been struggling to make ends meet amid rising inflation

and interest rates, but relief could soon be on the horizon.

Direct payments of up to $300 will begin to be distributed to those who qualify in one state this fall.

A bill passed in Alabama gives in-state residents a reprieve.

June 1 was the date of Governor Kay Ivey's approval of the bill.

This bill will benefit residents of Alabama. It was passed by the Alabama legislature at the end of May.

It didn't pass easily - the rebate check amounts were changed 

twice by state lawmakers before the $300 one-time payment was approved.

Eligible applicants are listed below

Residents of Alabama will receive payments based on their state tax filing status for the year 2021. 

To qualify for the program, residents must meet the following requirements:

An additional $300 tax rebate payment will be given if you file jointly as a married couple.

In the event that you filed as a single, head of family, or 

Married filing separately, you will receive a $150 tax rebate.

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