Find out if you qualify for the boost - four direct payment 

Deadlines are coming up in June ranging from $99 to $1,044

The deadlines for four direct payments of up to $1,044 are fast approaching.

In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado, 

Americans have less than two weeks left to apply for four programs.

There are two programs available to eligible Colorado residents. 

The states have been putting money back into the hands of their residents through specific programs.

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Some funds were given due to budget surpluses left over from pandemic funds,

While others were given due to tax rebates.

It is possible to get rebates ranging from $260 to $1,300 in Minnesota, for example.

As a result, the direct payments eligible residents

May apply for also come in the form of rebates.

The following is a list of four deadlines, starting with Colorado.

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