Over 300 families will receive direct $500 payments in 13 days as part of the stimulus package

In 13 days, Sonoma County, California, families receiving

guaranteed income payments will receive their next payment.

For the next two years, 305 families in the area will receive $500 every month 

through the Pathway to Income Equity program. The next payment will be made on April 19.

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Several Sonoma County officials plan to study the impact of this additional monthly income on 

reducing poverty and promoting economic mobility among families with young children.

As a result of these payments, families with young children will be able to address 

two of their highest household expenses at the same time: housing and child care," 

said Chris Coursey, chairman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. 

As a result of this pilot program, we hope to gather information that will 

help us shape future efforts to improve our community's health and welfare."

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