Child Tax Acclaim Application 2023: What age does the CTC end?

The Adolescent Tax Acclaim helps families with condoning accouchement get a tax break

The adolescent tax acclaim is a federal tax account that plays 

an important role in accouterment banking abutment for American taxpayers with children. 

People with kids beneath the age of 17 may be acceptable to affirmation 

a tax acclaim of up to $2,000 per condoning abased back they book their 2022 

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tax allotment in 2023. $1,500 of that acclaim may be refundable

The purpose of the acclaim is to advance in parents as they 

affliction for their accouchement and to advice parents pay for costs accompanying to adopting their children. 

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In best cases, the accouchement charge alive with you for added than bisected of the year to be claimed.

Do I charge a Social Security cardinal to be acceptable for CTC?

Children charge accept a SSN to be acceptable for the CTC.

Parents are not appropriate to accept a SSN, 

but charge accept a TIN to affirmation the CTC for their acceptable children.

What if my adolescent does not accept a SSN? What if my adolescent is over 17 years old, can they still authorize for a tax credit?

The CTC is alone accessible to accouchement age 17 or adolescent with SSNs accurate for assignment in the US.

Taxpayers can affirmation the nonrefundable "other audience credit" for audience who do not authorize for the CTC on this basis. 

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