There is direct payment of $150-$2,000 available from a $1.2 million 

Data breach settlement - here are the exact steps to claim

An agreement has been reached by SINCERA Reproductive Medicine to pay 

$1.2million to customers who claim the company failed to prevent data breaches.

Due to a data breach between August 10, 2020, and 

September 13, 2020, Sincera, a fertility clinic with four locations in Pennsylvania, 

informed clients in 2021 that their confidential information may have been exposed.

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As part of the settlement, the company did not admit to any wrongdoing.

It is possible for affected customers to claim $150 in damages if they have suffered a variety of adverse effects,

including emotional distress and loss of personal information.

The breach may also result in financial damages of up to $2,000 for those who suffered financial damage.

To receive reimbursements, all class members must provide documentation.

Class members must apply for the lawsuit by June 23.

This lawsuit claim form can be accessed by potential class members for more information.

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