One-time direct payments of up to $1,300 are available to millions from a $1 billion pot in 

the 4th stimulus check update for 2023 - check your eligibility now

There is now a one-time payment worth up to $1,300 available to Americans.

It has been announced that the state will receive $1.1 billion in payments.

Reimbursements range from $260 to $1,300

Based on the size of the family and the status of the filing.

There are expected to be 2.5 million checks distributed.

According to Minnesota Public Radio,

ten waves of payments will begin in the autumn.

A scheme has been put in place to speed up the process of getting money, 

even though it may seem like a long time to wait.

In order to claim this rebate, you do not need to submit an application. 

As a result, the Department Of Revenue will base payments on 

Your adjusted gross income (AGI) on your 2021 tax return.

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