There is a hidden catch to the fourth stimulus check 2023 - 

Americans can receive a one-time direct payment of $3,284 in days

 Alaska residents listed as "eligible-not paid" on June 7 will receive $3,284 in 

Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs) on June 15.

This check represents a portion of the state's oil and gas revenues.

However, there is one catch to the payment.

Taxable income amounts to $2,662 of the $3,284 total payment amount.

There will be no tax on the remaining $662, since it is considered energy relief.

Applications were successfully submitted by March 31 for qualified recipients.

A $600 payment is available to farm and food workers

Farmers and food workers who braved the pandemic are now eligible for $600 in relief payments.

Delaware's Department of Agriculture has been working with Pasa Sustainable Agriculture to provide 

one-time relief payments to farmhands and meatpackers affected by the pandemic.

To qualify, recipients must have been employed in meatpacking or 

farmwork between January 27, 2020, and April 11, 2023, when the COVID-19 emergency declaration ended.

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