Call from Messi and father whose son was kidnapped by Hamas: Do what you can

Messi and the desperate plea of a father : Argentine citizens currently living in Israel, Leo Messi’s global influence Alex Sherman in Asia also saw this.

An Argentinian citizen living in Israel asked the leader of the Argentine group to find his son who was kidnapped by Hamas.

“My son, Ron, an Argentinian Israeli soldier, was kidnapped in Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas. Whether it’s in your hands or not, but as a father, I’m doing everything I can to get my son back in my arms,” ​​Sherman said in the film.

Visibly affected, Scherman shared his heartbreaking message: “I know that a few words from you can work miracles. For Ron, my son, and for the Argentines who are kidnapped in the hands of Hamas”.

Finally, he wanted to send a message to Leo Messi: “Do what you can, I hope these words reach your ears. We love and admire you.”

How the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians began

The history of the conflict goes back to 1917, when the British government expressed its support for the establishment of a permanent Jewish state in Palestine with a letter called the Balfour Declaration, which recognized the right of Jews to rebuild their ancient homeland in Palestine.

This declaration was later endorsed by the League of Nations (the predecessor of what we know today as the UN).

Recent events at the Nova music festival in the Negev desert sparked controversy, with Hamas killing 260 people near the Gaza border. According to the Disaster Prevention Agency (ZAKA), more than 260 bodies have been identified.

Halfway through the concert, music played, air raid sirens blared, and Palestinian militiamen in numerous vehicles opened fire on participants trying to escape.

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