The winner of a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket scooped $4 million

Lotto winner scoops – Despite buying a $10 scratch-off ticket, a lottery winner scooped $4 million – a split decision meant more than 25% of the prize was wiped out

In most cases, winners have two options when they scoop their winnings

After scooping a life-changing $4 million, a lottery winner had a quarter of her winnings stripped away.

In the Massachusetts State Lottery, Elba Rivera, 35 minutes southwest of Boston, won the jackpot with a $10 instant scratch card.

At 105 Hollis Street, Auto Bright Car Care sold the fateful ticket to the lucky winner.

For stocking the winning scratch card, the store will receive a jaw-dropping $40,000.

As opposed to the annuity, Elba chose to receive a lump sum payment of $2.6 million before taxes.



National lottery players have two options when it comes to claiming their winnings.

The winner can choose to receive the money in several annual installments, usually over 30 years.

Others, such as Elba, can opt for a lump sum payment where they can collect their winnings immediately.

A significant amount will be shaved off, however.


Minnesota lottery players are urged to check their old tickets.

The first ticket was purchased at a Corborn’s food store in Delano, while the second was purchased at a Kwik Trip convenience store in Dundas.

There are two small towns on the outskirts of Minneapolis where the two events will take place.

Upon winning $1 million, one Powerball player thought he was having a heart attack.

Read about the lives of major lottery winners in the meantime.

Don’t forget to gamble responsibly
Those who gamble responsibly do the following:

  • Before playing, establish a time and monetary limit 
  • Gamblers should only gamble with money they can afford to lose
  • Losers should never chase their losses
  • When upset, angry, or depressed, they don’t gamble

You can reach the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700 or visit the National Council on Problem Gambling online if you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction.

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